Posti Kits is a young company created by Valentin Lefevre in 2018, engineer and expert in numerical imaging, in Virtual Reality (Total Immersion) and in connected objects (ePawn). Posti Kits’ project : offer innovative, design, fun and evolving objects, imagined for the users and with an limited environmental impact limited to a reasonable building, on demand and based in Normandy, France.

The environmental values are in the center of Posti Kits’ philosophy. We have the ambition to create, produce and distribute differently. We want to develop alternatives to production in factories at the other side of the world, meaning industrial-level volumes production, which generate transports of raw materials and merchandise that we find absurd.

We want to develop alternatives to the elaboration of products dictated by the constrains of the intermediaries and distributors, and create above all products who have value for the users who will own them.

Our production nit is installed in Valentin’s barn in Normandy, two hours and a half far from Paris. The raw materials are supplied in the exact quantities needed for the number of products to deliver, in dimensions and conditioning that limit in maximum waste.

Our machine with digital control (milling machine CNC for the wood and CNC laser for the plastic materials) are tools of light production and energetically efficient : we teach them to crave only what’s necessary, et we even get the wood chips back to heat Valentin’s house!

At Posti Kits, we value autonomy, small circuits and the environmental efficiency, for quality products, fun and esthetics. PixArt Light is our first creation, but new invention are already ready, we will introduce them soon !