Posti Light

After over a year of development, we are happy to reveal Posti Light, which bring together all the values that compel us. It is also a dream come true for all members of the 8bit generation we are part of. Posti Light shows images in ULD (Ultra Low Definition) of 16×16 pixels, so 32.000 times less than actual TV sets. A true return back to the golden age of sprites and video games graphics from the 80’s and 90’s, essentials and timeless.


Posti Light is made of a solid beech wood frame in laminated wood. Our machine digitally controlled (CNC) manufactures with the finest precision a structure in alveolus, in which a 5 meters ribbon is inserted, with 256 low-energy LED. Each LED can show 16 million colors and can be addressed separately.

The lamp’s base is also made of beech. In the inside, is homed the micro controller ESP32 (with the Arduino programming environment), already programmed, with bluetooth connectivity, the alimentation transformer low tension 5V 8A and connectors. The base stands on 4 anti-slip skates.

From each side of the base, two plexiglas plaques, one transparent, the other translucent, which allows you to choose between two different finish. On the transparent side, each LED is directly visible in its wooden alveolus. But on the translucent side, you will have a softer image… PixArt Light is a luminary panel who can display anything you want.


By default, your Posti Light will be delivered in an self-sufficient kit, so you can assemble it yourself or with in family. No electronical or informatics skills are required, and no weld is needed too. Assembling step by step is simple and within the reach of the youngest, it will take you less than an hour. The small Alen key supplied will be enough for the assembly of the chromed screw. You’ll just have to watch the video tutorial or follow the assembly instructions.

The delivery of your lamp in kit is completely part of our philosophy. We like the idea that you make the lamp yours by building it, and that you don’t have to pay us for something that you could do yourself, while taking pleasure and learning doing so. It also allows us to elaborate a conditioning more compact and more responsible in terms of packaging. But because we think it’s important to let you choose, you can also order your lamp already assembled and ready to use (in its huge and voluminous cardboard, but don’t worry, we still love you)