Technical specifications

Once your PixArt Light assembled and plugged in, install the “PixArt Light” App for Android and IOS to take control in Bluetooth. Customize your lamp and choose the graphism you want to show :

  • Convert any image uploaded in the application in sprite perfectly adapted to the lamp’s resolution
    • Enjoy a copyright free library of a hundred of sprites and animations
  • Upload yourself any image from image banks available
    • Show fix text or moving one by simply typing it in the app.
    • Create animation by making pass several sprites after another with controlled transition time.
    • Customize the display length, the light intensity and many other settings.
    • Choose one of the 10 mathematics mods pre-adjusted allowing abstract animations will million different colors.
    • Be sure to get your settings back thanks to the permanent recording on an integrated flash memory.

PixArt Light communicates with your phone in Bluetooth. If you want your lamp to communicate in Wi-Fi, you can do it yourself. The PixArt App is entirely open source, you can modify the code et re- distribute freely. You can also access to the firmware of the ESP32 module (compiler Arduino) to modify it yourself, if you have the programmation skills required.

The SmartPhone App was developed on measure with the MIT tool AppInventor. It is totally open, and will continue to evolve after you receive your lamp, because we will bring new functionalities : we still have a few ideas , and we hope that you will even give us new one, when you will take control of your Pixart Lamp and imagine new things to do with it.